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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Project

I'm still putting together more patchwork pieces. I just wish people would BUY THEM! I really need to get to Morocco soon. The people I live with are both elderly and the man is very ill, and just home from a 10 day stay in hospital. I fear he won't survive the summer. I love them like 2nd parents and this is tearing me up hard. But I need to sell these bags so I can get my ticket to get to my sweetheart.

To keep me busy I have a new project too. A friend on Twitter asked me if I could make a padded sack for his 2"x 4" video camera. He's tired of having to stuff the one he has and getting the camera dinged is pissing him off. I tend to recycle good material from clothes or other things so I found an old veleur shirt to a pants outfit that I don't wear. It's GREAT material I just won't be caught dead wearing it.

Basically it's a padded cloth box with a long strap. I'll get pix up once I get it done.

1 comment:

True voice said...

Dear Sister
Hello there
I have been reading your blogs for quite a while and I am really amazed at the temerity with which you have been handling every adversity all along. I admire you courage and positive outlook, but I would not advise you to shift to Morroco in view of the numerous physical ailments you suffer from. Morroco is a poor country with very basic medical facilities. You need specialized hospital care that you won't get in Morroco. I know that you intend to marry Mubarek and move to Morroco. You have medical issues one too many. You won't find good shrinks there for your bipolar condition.
Despite financial hardships you are getting good medical care in US, that you will lose once you leave the States.I wish you all the best and seek forgiveness in case I have hurt you in any way.Hope Allah saw guide you through the thick and thin.