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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Project

I'm still putting together more patchwork pieces. I just wish people would BUY THEM! I really need to get to Morocco soon. The people I live with are both elderly and the man is very ill, and just home from a 10 day stay in hospital. I fear he won't survive the summer. I love them like 2nd parents and this is tearing me up hard. But I need to sell these bags so I can get my ticket to get to my sweetheart.

To keep me busy I have a new project too. A friend on Twitter asked me if I could make a padded sack for his 2"x 4" video camera. He's tired of having to stuff the one he has and getting the camera dinged is pissing him off. I tend to recycle good material from clothes or other things so I found an old veleur shirt to a pants outfit that I don't wear. It's GREAT material I just won't be caught dead wearing it.

Basically it's a padded cloth box with a long strap. I'll get pix up once I get it done.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Direction of this blog

A'asalam aleykum to all
I've been blogging about Gaza on my wordpress blog and only using this as a clickthrough to it. I've decided to start using this blog for my sewing.

I'm making totes, bags and purses to earn the air fare to get to my sweet Mbarek who's been waiting for two years to marry me. I love him with all my heart and soul. If you have talked to me then you know that.

We were brought together over great distance and many obstacles. He learned English in order to be able to speak with me. Until he learned it we used online translators and friends of his who were fluent in Arabic, French and English. The latter was quite awkward!

Because of the economy it's out of his ability to pay for my airfare and I'm disabled and unable to hold traditional work due to my illnesses. So it's taking a while to get the money together. A sister had this wonderful idea and was generous in providing me funds to get a machine so that I can make something happen with my ability and love for sewing.

My bags are at They're very reasonably priced and I'm open to negotiations on prices.

The most recent ones I uploaded are:

I use recycled materials I buy from Goodwill that might be sheets, handkerchiefs, napkins or even clothing with interesting prints. I also haunt the salvage areas of the WalMart and JoAnn Fabrics. There are really great deals there but if you have a specific color combination or print you'd like please contact me!

I'm currently working on a 4x2 bag for a gentleman who wants to contain his video cam without damaging it while running about town. I'll be using a quilting type of approach so it's padded if he encounters hard objects while maneuvering around town but also snug so he doesn't have to put other things inside the bag to to keep the cam safe.

So let me know your special needs for bags. Why use paper or plastic when cloth is much more environmentally friendly AND nicer to look at, touch as well as resilient?

Quality? I've carried 20 lb bags of ice, 2 gallon jugs of milk, multiple large jars of pickles and sundry other items that were stuffed into the totes deliberately to test their strength at the WalMart. Yes, I test the totes! I won't sell anything that doesn't stand up to the rigorous use I'd expect from something I purchase. If it SHOULD fail you I will make it right ASAP. I haven't had any complaints yet! I take YOUR HAPPINESS and ability to use what I create for it's intended purpose very seriously.

I am a smoker and I smoke while I sew but I wash the bags twice through and put them in plastic ziplocks away from me after they're finished. If that's a problem I'm sorry but it's not something I'm going to change any time soon.

Keep your eyes open for new ones. I have a bunch of new scraps I'm working with so I should have more new bags up in the next few days.

Pricing and full descriptions, along with more photos, are available at - please send me a message there if you have any questions or special requests.

JazakAllah khair